Walking the Sky

Following the principles of Grassroots Mapping, the workshop will show people how to create their own aerial photographs using kites and balloons. These will then be taken out onto the streets and around Guimarães, providing a spectacle as well as mapping data and aerial imagery.

Walking the Sky


All of the work produced will be documented and presented on a dedicated website. This will include making available all of the raw data gathered, attributed and made available for further work. It will combine the map data gathered into a range of visualisations and dedicated maps.

About James Bridle

James Bridle is a writer, publisher and technologist based in London, UK. James is a partner at the Really Interesting Group, a design partnership based in East London, and also creates his own projects, such as A Ship Adrift, commissioned by Artangel for their A Room for London project. He writes for publications including Wired, ICON and The Observer, where he publishes a regular column. Many of his texts are online at his own site, Booktwo.org. James is a regular speaker at technology and design conferences, such as South by South West in Austin, dConstruct in Brighton, and Lift in Geneva

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There will be a lot of walking, so wear comfy shoes! A bit of knowledge about mapping and visual technology would be an advantage. People will work in teams of 3 or 4 people. Maximum of 16 participants. This workshop will be taught in English


Formador: James Bridle
Coordenador: Ricardo Lobo
Público: Geral, Criadores, Profissionais
Participantes: 8 (min) / 16 (max)
Início: 17 Julho 2012
Fim: 18 Julho 2012
Horário: 14h30–18h00
Duração: 7 horas
Local: LCD / CAAA
Inscrição: 10 euros (caução / reembolsável)


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